Bitcoin Online Casino USA Players Can Gamble Safely in

Online casinos are replacing the real brick-and-mortar establishments rapidly. They offer more and more advantages for players. For operators themselves, a business online means less troubles, too. First of all, these troubles are connected with the avoiding of troublesome and complicated regulation when it comes to a particular country.

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However, even in the online gambling field, there are some trends that make some casinos more popular while others are becoming less visited and, thus forgotten. One of such advanced trends is using bitcoin as one of the methods to fund your player account and to get your winnings.

While the USA is pretty conservative with online gambling, and the majority of casinos have to get additional permissions and to be licensed by particular regulators only, cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, gives players much more freedom. And bitcoin, as one of the major cryptocurrencies, provides many serious benefits to any player in a bitcoin casino USA.

Benefits That Players Get in Bitcoin Casino USA

First of all, we would like to mention some basic details about bitcoin. This is one of the most respected cryptocurrencies for now. Bitcoin is also one of the most expensive cryptocurrencies. Like any other crypto coin, it offers some benefits that are incorporated into its nature.

Anonymity is one of them. You don’t have to disclose any private data when paying or withdrawing crypto coins. You provide only the information needed for the transfer: the public key of your wallet. And that’s it. Note please that some information you will still have to provide, and namely, any data needed to verify your account. This is something absolutely different though.

The speed of transactions. Of course, the transactions are not performed instantly. There are some technical details behind it. Every transaction shall be approved by miners and registered in the blockchain. It takes different amounts of time with different cryptocurrencies. With bitcoin, the current transaction speed even in the best bitcoin casino USA takes from 10 to 30 minutes. However, compared to withdrawals to a bank account, for instance, this speed is something amazing indeed.

These are the main benefits. Add the fact that at some point, bitcoin price might surge, and if until that point, you win a couple of crypto-coins more, you might even become a millionaire.

Select a Correct Bitcoin Online Casino USA

To have the most fun gambling, you shall select the best bitcoin online casino USA. Of course, you need to check all the standard requirements, whether your selected firm complies with them. However, in addition, you need to make sure that the company complies with some more requests that are specific to bitcoin only. Here, we check both standard details as well as those ones that are specific to instant bitcoin withdrawal online casino Canada has.


The utmost requirement is a license from a reputable, reliable, and a well-known watchdog. Those are several, for the USA, the Curacao regulator is fine. Firms with the license of this watchdog are allowed to operate on the majority of the USA territory. A license guarantees the safety of your fiat or cryptocurrency funds. According to the basic requirements with which any firm needs to comply to acquire a license it is a must to have the funds of the firm and the gambler in separate accounts. Thus, the company cannot really use your funds that you have deposited. Also, you can file a complaint if the provider does something illegally.

Customer Support

The customer support service works, is able to solve the issues, and is friendly enough. If even one of these aspects is missing, we recommend to consider something else. There are plenty of providers, and we don’t see any need in suffering with something you don’t like.

Payment Options

Just a few online casinos accept bitcoin USA and offer plenty of other payment options. Others don’t offer the widest array of payment versions, and this is fine, too. The main idea is that you can select a payment option that complies with your needs and is not overly expensive.

Also, check very well whether such options as Western Union, Moneygram and others are not available. The thing is that any company shall work with providers that offer you at least some security regarding your deposits. For instance, bank transfers, card transfers, e-wallet transfers – all of them offer a so-called cashback option.

Ok, cryptocurrency doesn’t provide this option, but it is clearly stated in any rules or any guide that explains about crypto-transfers.

Fast Transactions

There are not many gamblers that would ever pay attention to this criterion, only if they haven’t been dealing with cryptocurrency in one or another way. The matter is that cryptocurrencies, and especially bitcoin are highly volatile. Within seconds, their price might drop or surge several times. Thus, if you are sending or receiving cryptos, you don’t want to lose funds just because the exchange rate has changed not to your favor. Thus, confirm whether your online casino accept bitcoin USA gets and sends your money immediately. Ok, let us leave that 20-30 minutes delay needed for miners to approve the transactions. But, say, 1-2 hours or even days are not acceptable.

No Exchanges Within the Transfer

This is one of the most important details. When you are sending or withdrawing your cryptos, make sure the casino doesn’t exchange them somewhere. If your funds first goes to an exchange and then to the casino account, or if during the withdrawal procedure, your crypto coins shall pass an exchange, it is not acceptable. You can lose a lot of money if this procedure is performed. Don’t forget about super high volatility! Thus, all the cryptocurrency transactions shall be made exclusively from one cryptocurrency wallet to another.

Fees? It Is up to You

Some casinos charge fees for using bitcoin, others give bonus codes and offer a promotion. You decide whether and what is acceptable for you, but you shall know that from a transaction, a particular % is paid to the miners, and that’s it. Neither you nor casino has to pay anything to somebody else. Thus, you might simply not agree to pay the fees and look for a provider that is more loyal to cryptocurrency payments.

The Best Bitcoin Casinos in the USA

It is complicated to find a provider that is both USA-players friendly and accepts bitcoin. Add the compliance to all the rest of requirements, and you will see that finding a perfect casino is not easy if you live in the USA.

Thus, we have decided to facilitate the task. We will be open though: the list of these casinos will not be so extensive than the casinos for any other category.

CryptoWild Casino

This is a firm with an excellent reputation, and it accepts bitcoins. Thus, you can try it without a single hesitation. CryptoWild is very welcoming to the USA gamblers. It offers a 150% welcome bonus plus some free spins.

On their website, you can find the slots and other gambling options provided by the main developers. Even though in this bitcoin casino USA no deposit bonus is not available, other than that, the casino is for sure worth attention.

Raging Bull

This is one more of those few firms that are allowed to work on the territory of the USA. The company offers an incredible welcome bonus of 350% from the first deposit. It is accompanied by a decent number of free spins.

This is one of the companies that has a lot of promo codes. You can find them easily on any partner website. The casino doesn’t require any download which is very convenient.

Before depositing your funds, whether bitcoins or fiat money, try free play. It allows players to assess the platform and decide whether the provider is indeed something that can be considered. Well, as you can see, the choice cannot be called extensive, however, those casinos 2021 are among the best ones in the market.

How to Receive Online Casino Winnings in Bitcoin Canada

One might be pretty confused when it comes to the deposit or withdrawal procedure in cryptocurrency, in particular, in bitcoin. However, don’t worry. Just move to the cashier option and pick there your preferred payment method: bitcoin. When you make a deposit, you provide your public key of the wallet, and the public key of the casino`s wallet. When you get a withdrawal, you do the same but your public key will be now in the “Recipient” option.

Make sure you copy-paste all the symbols correctly, revise all the data. The reason is simple: all the cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. It means you cannot undo it. Thus, if you send your bitcoins to somebody, you can count only that the person might send them back to you. But if it doesn’t happen, your money is lost.

How to Buy Bitcoin for Online Casino Canada

Now, when no deposit code testing is over, and you are ready to start with real funds, you need to buy bitcoins. If you have been in the crypto-field for a while, you know how and where you can do it. If not though, you are risking to face a number of complications.

We would give one recommendation. Don’t go for intermediary services and private services. You never know how reliable they are, especially if you aren’t in it. Choose a recognized cryptocurrency exchange. There are a lot of them, and their reliability you can easily check from feedback provided online and data available on the web.

To buy cryptocurrency, you will need a special wallet. It is a place where you will store your private keys. There are several types of them, and you can choose the most optimal for you.

  • Hardware wallets are good if you use your coins now and then, but not too frequently. Their main advantage is in their safety.
  • Paper wallets are the simplest and the safest. They are not convenient though if you use your coins.
  • Desktop wallets are extremely convenient but their safety level is lower due to the fact that they are accessible from the internet and can be hacked when you are online.
  • Mobile wallets are the same as desktop wallets but developed for use from a mobile device.
  • Web wallets are absolutely precious for traders and those who use crypto for their daily transactions. They are one of the most vulnerable versions though.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know the basics about cryptocurrency and how you can use your crypto-coins in an online casino. This is a good option for you if you want to play anonymously and, probably, to get some additional benefits from the firm. We shall let you know though that if you decide to play, this information can be a good base to start but you will need to learn much more about cryptos and how to use them in online casinos smartly.